Updating identity column sql server 2016

01-Oct-2017 06:47

Is the new value to use as the current value of the identity column.WITH NO_INFOMSGS Suppresses all informational messages. The specific corrections made to the current identity value depend on the parameter specifications. DBCC CHECKIDENT returns the current identity value and the current maximum value of the identity column.Table names must comply with the rules for identifiers. NORESEED Specifies that the current identity value should not be changed.Two or three part names must be delimited, such as ' Person. RESEED Specifies that the current identity value should be changed.However, SCOPE_IDENTITY returns values inserted only within the current scope; @@IDENTITY is not limited to a specific scope.For example, there are two tables, T1 and T2, and an INSERT trigger is defined on T1.This was the last insert that occurred in the same scope.The SCOPE_IDENTITY() function returns the null value if the function is invoked before any INSERT statements into an identity column occur in the scope.

@@IDENTITY returns the last identity column value inserted across any scope in the current session. SCOPE_IDENTITY() returns the IDENTITY value inserted in T1.Transact-SQL Syntax Conventions numeric(38,0) SCOPE_IDENTITY, IDENT_CURRENT, and @@IDENTITY are similar functions because they return values that are inserted into identity columns.IDENT_CURRENT is not limited by scope and session; it is limited to a specified table.Transact-SQL Syntax Conventions Is the name of the table for which to check the current identity value.

The table specified must contain an identity column.

If the two values are not the same, you should reset the identity value to avoid potential errors or gaps in the sequence of values.